Saturday, 3 December 2011

Hanging Around { Post 101!}


Well, christmas is just around the corner and the tree is up! YAY!
For christmas this year, i decided to make some of my own gifts, so i have, starting with this:
Not much is it? Well you'd be right, its a single peice of grungeboard. It suprised me how flexible it realy was to be called board. But with a lick of paint and some decoration, i created:
Now for everyone who watched the last Joanna Sheen Shows, you would of seen this kind of thing be made. I painted it soft peach and once dry { 20 mins at most! } I started to decorate.
I printed out a backing paper, decoupage sheet and caligraphy sheet from the Jane Shasky cd rom.

This is my decoupage

This is the caligraphy topper. I also added three buttons and a shovel charm to the raffia ribbon.
I made this for my aunt and uncle who im sure would love this in their kitchen.

That isnt the only one though, oh no, i created another one for my friend Charlotte.
This time i used the Joanna Sheen Enchanted Dreams cd rom and printed off a topper sheet and backing paper. I painted this one in a metalic blue { Oooh } and then added the paper. { By the way, the papers are stuck with pinflair glue gel, flattened rather than lumps.}

I sprayed my topper with crafters companion glitter spray to make it shiny and added three colour matching flowers in the bottom corner, i used silver card candy for the middles.
Then using some alphabet a added this, which eas already glittery.

So thats it, easy.


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