Friday, 15 April 2011

Bessie, Edward and Patch.

Hi everyone,
I dont have any cards today, but i plan to create some with my own characters.

Bessie is a little girl who loves to walk with her dog and spend days out doing different things, she dresses in vintage looking clothes, mainley 1950s. Her main feature: Her Ginger hair.

Edward is Bessies friend. He is yet to be discovered as i have mainly been working on Bessie. All i know is he has brown hair.

Patch is Bessies dog, he's a terrier/cross breed of some sort and has a patch on his left eye. H also likes to follow Bessie on her adventures.

  If you would like a look at Bessie, go to craftynatalies gallery on and look under the card Bessie at the beach on page 3.
                                    I cant wait to show her to everyone.

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