Sunday, 26 June 2011


Good morning,

Well, over this weekend i have been busy stamping with my freebie Sheena Sketchy stamps and sharing my mums birthday aqua markers and painting.
Sorry it's slightly blured. This is how my box starts, just a plain wooden box.
Then i crackled it, using the technique from the paint fushion dvd.
My next step is to paint the design, which i plan to do today.

This year i am making a handmade/homemade christmas. I plan to make gifts for all my family using both paint fushion and my sewing book from christmas. The only thing im struggling with is what to make for my little cousin who is 4 this year and the new baby cousin who should arrive in august/september.

Before i go i would just like to share some of my paint fushion boards.
My berries need some flecks of white, but this was my first try at them.
and my lavendar which was my first try at paint fushion.

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