George's puppy tales - something new.


Now, this post is a bit new to me as I'm not used to doing posts that don't include a card or a project, but for a change I thought I'd write about our new pup, George and give an update since the first photo I shared nearly two months ago.

If your not sure on your dog breeds, George is a border terrier. He is a blue grizzle, which fur wise is black and tan. The blue comes from them having blue skin, something I learned from his breeder.
George is now 4 months old and this week his baby teeth have began to fall out and his adult teeth are coming through, which after nearly two months of biting hands, legs, my hair, clothes and various dog toys ( now mostly in the bin due to him completely ruining them) I'm glad of. 

He's also in the puppy crazies stage, which for anyone who hasn't had a pup is where your pup literally goes crazy. Running around, jumping off of furniture, biting, swinging off clothes. It is the puppy equivalent of a toddler tantrum, which as you can imagine is no fun and amounts to crate time.
Training is going at a slow pace, as he can do certain things but when out, its if he wants to.

I hope you enjoyed reading my puppy post. If so, please leave me a comment. Who knows, I might share even more of George's antics.


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